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We decided not to build new software. Instead we continuously build an application that is connected to your Highrise account via API and ensures you get even more out of it.

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Let's see what we've got so far:

We done it Task templates screenshot

Hottest feature: task templates
Create a series of tasks for multiple user as easy as 1-2-3!

We done it

See the geographical location of selected contacts on Google Maps, plan your optimal trip.

Parties on map screenshot
We done it Filter options screenshot

Enhanced filter options
(starts with/ends with/contains/doesn’t contain/empty/not empty).

We done it

Multi level filtering
(basic properties + custom fields + tags).

Multi level filtering screenshot
We done it Batch tagging screenshot

This one you'll really like:
Add or remove more than one tag for a selection in one step and do it in a single click (no need to type).

We done it

Add notes to contacts
(for desired dates) and change who can see them the same easy way.

Batch add notes screenshot
We done it Duplicate management screenshot

Basic duplicate management.
Find duplicates by name and/or E-mail.

We done it

Last but not least:
Batch tagging for up to 5000 contacts in one step (the process will be queued and takes a couple minutes, still saves you a LOT of time).

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Start using now.

Risk-free 30 day trial.

No credit card needed to sign-up.